I’m a lucky guy

I don’t think I’m particularly knowledgeable (there’s an ocean of knowledge out there) or sensible (I’ve made plenty of wrong choices) or smart (there’s many smarter people out there). Despite my many shortcomings, I seem to do ok. I’m just a lucky guy. A bit more about me.

I’m lucky in the people I meet (at work and home), in being born and brought up in a wonderful environment, in the work I get to do, in being at the right place at the right time, and in pretty much everything — now that I think about it. Its as if the universe conspired to get me where I am.

When things don’t seem the best in the moment, I trust there is a lesson to be learned — and that a wiser version of me will emerge. Tough times bring an opportunity to refocus on purpose — what matters most. It is a time to discover who I really am, and what choices I make. Am I even conscious that I make choices – day in day out – in each moment, or do I simply flow with the current, unaware that I’m caught in one? Do I rule my emotions or do they rule me? Do I take the path less traveled, or do I prefer the one well-trodden? Tough times bring an opportunity to become better. When I’m conscious enough to see them for what they are, I consider myself lucky to get to experience those tough times.

This blog is a reflection on the many things I find myself lucky at. These span things in the material world and the subtle world.

I hope to share the joy I find in these things, and – in many ways – share the journey of self-discovery that I’m on. I hope you, as the reader, derive joy from it as well, discover aspects of your own journey, and share your perspectives.



  1. Excellent Deven, i very much liked above mentioned thoughts of yours . best wishes and keep it up Gurudatt Dhareshwar



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