Subtle world

The subtle world is where I experience emotions, have thoughts, and am conscious of myself and the world around me. It is where I discern right from wrong. It is also where I have the intelligence to process inputs, make assumptions, apply logic, and deduce something. It is where the creativity in me emerges. It is where ideas are born, unbidden. It is where understanding happens. It is where wisdom accumulates.

It is where I experience sorrow when something I don’t like happens. It is where I experience joy when I understand something, or when I hear great music, or see great art, or read great poetry, or see kids laughing with glee.

A lot — if not all — of the subtle world happens without the need for language. In fact, the moment I try to put something in words, the concept becomes less subtle. It starts becoming material. Going from subtle to material is natural. Going from material to subtle takes effort.

It also happens incredibly fast. I process inputs, jump to conclusions, experience emotions, and (unconsciously) decide to act — all in the flash of a moment.

It is where I sometimes have the fleeting feeling that I may be so close to understanding something of intense importance, yet so far away.

I have tried to organize my thoughts on the subtle world around these themes:
Being content
Becoming an observer

See also my thoughts on the material world.


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