I was returning home from a business trip, and had a connection in Chicago. I was looking forward to seeing my wife and kids (by far, the best part of any travel… returning home to people you love). So, there I was, having a quiet moment — longing for the people I love — and looked out from my window seat.

And it was the most ethereal sight.

It was overcast. We were circling the city, getting ready to land, still above the clouds. It was well past sundown, so the sky was dark. No moonlight to speak of.

The clouds were lit from below by the glow of the city. And, in what looked like a giant arc, the softly-lit clouds simply ended. As if the clouds decided they wanted to stick around and enjoy the beauty themselves. Who would have thought a dark lake and a brightly-lit city could create such beauty in the skies?


The emotional equation of life

I recently came across an inspiring quote by T T Rangarajan. It goes along these lines.

Something that I don’t want happens — when I accept it, it becomes tolerance, when I don’t, it becomes anger. Consider some examples:

Example If I accept it, it becomes… If I don’t, it becomes…
I’m about to encounter uncertainty … adventure … fear
Someone has something I don’t, or is able to produce results I’m not able to … inspiration … jealousy
Someone has hurt me … forgiveness … hatred

Any event when handled with non-acceptance becomes a negative emotion. When handled with acceptance becomes a positive emotion.

And there you go. There’s the emotional equation of life.